Animal Magic chase
the bone collector too

June 2006
Black & White Working Sheepdog (Border Collie) 
Rescued at 1 Year Old
2006 - 2018 
Due to liver problems we had chase pts
She will leave a huge whole in our family 

Chase's Kennel Club Competing History 
Chase is too fast for her own good! 
When she has gone clear she has achieved: 
Sunday 13th July 2014 winner of Combined 6-7 Agility 
8th June 2014 Grade 6 Agility Winner 
Now taking her to Grade 7 and also eligible for Championship classes 
Qualified for the Jump and Twist Pairs Final in Aug 2014 
22nd April 13 Dog Vegas Grade 6 Agility 
Aug 2013 Winner of the Skinners 7 Pairs Qualifier 
20th July 2013 Grade 6 Agility Winner 
2nd July 2012 Grade 6 Agility Winner 
3rd July 2011 Grade 5 Agility Winner 
25th September 2010 Grade 4 Jumping Winner 
30th August 2010 Grade 4 Jumping Winner 
21st August 2010 Combined Grades 1-4 Helter Skelter Winner 
26th June 2010 Grade 3 Jumping Winner 
19th June 2010 Grade 3 Agility Winner 
26th August 2009 Combined Grades 1-4 Flick Flack Jumping Winner 
2nd August 2009 Combined Grades 1-3 Jumping Winner Chase has also competed in the Lazer Pairs Final