January 2008
Short Coat Black & White Working Sheepdog (Border Collie)

Spider's Kennel Club Competing History

Spider has had lots of little injuries since we took her into our home - so has had a lot of time out of agility competing

We are very pleased with Spiders return to competing and her first win since having a metal plate in her leg!

Sunday 13th July 2024 winner of Grade 5 Jumping

Spider has returned to competing in fun anysize classes after her cruciate operation and is doing really well, we hope to get her back to full height classes this summer 2014

Qualified for the Skinners Sevens Pairs Final in Kent September 2012
Qualified for the Dog Vegas Large 3-5 Pawstrading Final August 2012
October 2011 Grade 4 Jumping Win
May 2011 Grade 3 Agility Win
May 2011 Grade 3 Jumping Win
May 2011 qualified for the Adams Derby Final that takes place in July 2011

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