Australian Working Kelpie
Kinder was very poorly and lost her ability to stand so she was pts
Another star in the sky shining bright

Kinder's Kennel Club Competing History

Aug 2013 on her last competition run at full height, Kinder won her first grade 6 agility class. Kinder is now retired and will only do fun classes at shows on small height jumps

Aug 2013 Winner of the Skinners 7 Pairs Qualifier

Oct 2011 Qualified for the ABC Semi-Final taking place in 2012
Oct 2010 Qualified for the ABC Semi-Final that takes place in
Sept 2011 CRUFTS 2011 Third in ABC Agility Competition
Discover Dogs 2010 Winner in Agility & 5th in Jumping giving her TOP ABC dog at Discover Dogs
Olympia 2010 7th in Jumping & 5th in Agility
October 2010 ABC Combined Grades 1-7 Agility (Qualifier for ABC Semi-Final 2011) 2nd place (Top 4 qualify)
September 2010 ABC Semi-Final 7th Qualified for ABC Final at Olympia 2010
September 2010 ABC Agility Combined Grades 1-7 Winner
June 2010 ABC Combined Grades 4-7 Jumping Winner
June 2009 ABC Combined Grades 1-7 Agility Winner
July 2008 Adams Derby Combined Grades 4-5 Winner
29th June 2008 Grade 5 Agility Winner
May 2008 Combined Grades 1-7 ABC Jumping Winner
10th August 2007 Grade 4 Agility Winner
14th July 2007 Grade 3 Winner
1st July 2007 Grade 3 Agility Winner
29th June 2007 Combined Grades 1-3 Jumping Winner
24th June 2007 Grade 3 Agility Winner
23rd June 2007 Grade 3 Jumping Winner

She also qualified for the Adams Derby in 2008 & 2009, the ABC semi final in 2009 & 2010 & the Dog Vegas Final & the Lazer Pairs Final in 2008

Kinder has achieved his Kennel Club Warrant Bronze, Silver & Gold

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